About Me

Hi all, I’m Nicky and I live in the beautiful Sunshine State of Florida. Welcome to my blog. I like to travel, but I have to admit that I don’t do it a lot.

Do you ever want to travel or sometimes just take a break and go out for a nice dinner, or hang out at a nice spot, but cannot? Whether it’s because you don’t have the finances, have no one to stay with the kids, or just don’t have the time?

Well if you answered yes to any of the questions above, I am here to help you get off the couch and take some time away from work, the kids, mom or dad even if it’s just to a spot in your very own backyard. With or without hubby.

Taking a break doesn’t mean a long vacation, which most of us don’t get the chance to take, but when you can take that vacation it is Wonderful. Taking a vacation doesn’t mean that it has to be a week long in some other state or country. A vacation could be as simple packing a bag for a weekend and going to a camp ground at the nearby park or a short weekend the next town over in a nice hotel.

In my blog I will take you on my travels, share some of the places I have seen and things that I have done as well as share places to go out and eat in hopes that I can encourage and help you take some time away from your busy life.

Stay tuned!