Experience Butterfly World Florida

Butterfly World, a place where butterflies fly freely amongst you, is a Botanical Garden located miles north of the Fort Lauderdale airport in the city of Coconut Creek, Florida inside of Tradewinds Park. This attraction started in 1988, birthing out of the founder, Ronald Boender’s, interest in butterflies.

What you will see

As you begin to explore the first thing you will see is the research center where the butterflies are bred. You will be able to see them in their different cycles; caterpillar, lava, pupa, and butterfly.

Although the name implies it’s a world full of butterflies, butterflies are not the only thing that you will see at this attraction. You will be able to see;

Different types of butterflies

Some species of butterflies that you will see includes;

Madiera Butterflies
Hortense Butterflies
White Morphos
Owl Butterflies.
Notice the big circle that looks like an owls eye

A Variety of Birds

In addition to the butterflies, you will also be able to see different species of birds such as;



Also different types of plants inside the garden

Lipstick Tree


Rose Hair Tarantula
Birdeater Tarantula

You will be able to;

  • See the research center where the rearing of the butterflies takes place
  • View the butterflies as they fly around
  • Explore the Garden and the bird aviaries
  • Interact with Lorikeets, there is a charge to feed them.
  • Shop for your favorite gifts in the gift shop
  • Explore the garden shop and take home your favorite plant.

Butterfly world is a place for the entire family. Children will enjoy the butterflies landing on them, walking on the wobbly bridge, throwing coins in the pool, running circles around the waterfall area, feeding the lorikeets, and watching the small birds as they fly around, and I am sure a lot of you adults will too, whether you are a parent or not.

When visiting it’s best to go when the sun is up. Upon visiting it was raining and the butterflies were not flying around as much, but once the rain held up and the sun came up they were plenteous and beautiful.

There are numerous types of trees and flowers in the garden area of the park. Each having the names shown and some having a description or story about the plant. For example, the lipstick tree(shown above) known to have medicinal uses and used as a dye in many things, the lucky nut, and the Cacao plant.

There is also a beautiful waterfall that runs in the middle of the park. The path leading up to the waterfall, is filled with steam like mist, that protrudes out of the rocks, it’s almost like walking through a fog.

There is a cafe on site and an area to eat if feeling hungry.

The garden shop offers you choices of a variety of plants to take home with you like orchids and mangoes.

It is not an all day affair, it could take as little as a hour to tour the park, but could take longer depending on how much you interact with the birds and butterflies and if you decide to stop by the cafe and have a meal.

Butterfly worlds is a beautiful place, like a hidden tropical paradise. The beautiful landscape adds a lot of flavor to the scenery, with flowers of different colors spread through out.

Just outside of Butterfly world is the Tradewinds park, you can walk around the lake, host a party at one of the shelters, or go to the North side to do some cycling or horseback riding.