Four Things You Should Add to Your Travel Checklist

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Traveling now a days is already hectic enough, with some places still requiring vaccinations, COVID testing, and even the issue of flights and cruises cancelling, some last minute. It is best to plan ahead as much as possible and make sure you have everything necessary for your trip. Below are are a list of some essentials that I believe are very valuable for planning your future trips.

Travel Insurance

In this day and age having travel insurance is imperative. Last minute cancellations can happen, causing you to lose hard earned money from your trip and not to mention something happening while on your trip (God forbid) but the reality is things do happen. Sometimes we may not want to spend that extra money, but spending that extra can save you a lot more in the long run. If you are looking to purchase travel insurance click on the banner below.

Travel Medical Transportation

In addition to having Travel Insurance it is also important to have medical transportation. Medical transportation gets you to a hospital of your choice or closer to home if the need arrives. For example an individual traveling from the U.S to France and needs to be admitted to a hospital, but said individual would prefer to be at a hospital near their home in the U.S. Then medical transportation would step in to assist with such. It is good to have and will cost less to pay for than paying for transport without the coverage. Medjet offers air medical transport whether abroad or domestic. Click here or click the picture below to learn more.

Check if You Need a Visa

Did you know that some countries you visit requires a Visa? Countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Jordan. Make sure to check ahead of time if where you are headed needs a visa and apply for it as soon as possible. You can check below to see if you need a visa and you can also apply for the visa using the same site if one is needed.

Roadside Assistance

For any distance of road trip whether 50 miles or 500 miles it’s good to have roadside assistance. Having roadside assistance gives some kind of comfort knowing if you have a flat tire or happen to leave your keys locked in the car you have someone to call for help.

Finally, make copies of your travel documents and keep them in different locations. Make sure friends and families back home know where you are going if traveling alone and after packing the clothes don’t forget to pack the toothpaste, lotion, and those smaller items we sometimes forget. You may say that those are things you can pick up in the hotel’s giftshop, but think about the money you will rack up buying it there. Click the banner below for travel items you can buy online and pick up in-store.