Free Roadside Assistant List W/Phone Numbers

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When we are vacationing, taking that long road trip, or just out having fun the last thing we want on our mind is to worry about something going wrong, but just in case something does go wrong with your vehicle I have compiled a list of roadside assistance numbers for you to print out and keep a copy in your glove compartment.

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If you don’t already have roadside assistance and are looking to get it, try Good Sam Roadside assistance. Their Platinum coverage covers all of your owned vehicle. Your spouse, domestic partner, and children under 25 can all be included at no additional cost. Tows are covered to the nearest repair facility and there is no dollar limit on the towing. And guess what! Good Sam also offers coverage for RVs.

Most new vehicle will have a manufacturer’s warranty which includes roadside assistance. If the manufacturer’s coverage has expired, your insurance company may offer it.

Make sure to pay attention to the level of coverage you have or that you are being offered. So many times we agree to something and then when the time finally comes to use it we didn’t realize what we were signing up for. Listen for things like;

  • How many miles are covered for a tow
  • Is there a dollar limit and how much is it
  • What vehicles are covered (just your own or any vehicle you are in)
  • Who is covered just those on the policy or anyone driving the vehicle

Something to know about the roadside assistance under the manufacturer’s warranty; If you need a tow they almost always, will tow you to the nearest dealership or a dealership within a certain mile radius. If you opt to tow it somewhere else, you will have to pay out of pocket.