One Love Jamaican Cuisine and Seafood Restaurant-Review

One Love Seafood is a Jamaican restaurant located in Port St. Lucie Florida. I had the pleasure of visiting this location to eat and rate it.

As tempting as it was I did not order everything on the menu, but I was able to select the Snow crab and Shrimp platter.

This delicious platter was served up with buttery mouth watering delectables; snow crabs, shrimps, baked potato, corn on the cob, an egg, and sausage. I have never tasted anything so good of all the restaurants I have been to thus far. The first thing I picked up out of the plate was the shrimp, it was so buttery and flavorful, then I went for another and another, then a piece of the potato and then I stopped because my partner did not get his food yet and I was trying my best to wait.

So the food came and I was back to diving in, this time I got a pair of gloves and went for the crabs. The crabs, the half side of baked potato, the shrimp everything was wonderful.

Since I want to give a honest review I must admit the corn on the cob was not that tasty to me, but the chef had no problem bringing a freshly cooked one out. I am not a fan of eggs so I did not touch the boiled egg, the sausage was ok but felt it could use a bit more flavor.

Now my partner had the steamed fish, that he had specially made. It was cooked in a coconut sauce loaded with onions, carrots, and okra with a whole lot of scotch bonnet pepper. The sides were rice and peas, steamed cabbage, and macaroni and cheese. The carrots had a sweet taste to it which I found very delightful.

This is what he had to say about his dish;

“My 1st time dinning at One Love Seafood Restaurant
was by far the most delightfully delicious food eating experience I’ve ever enjoyed at a Jamaican restaurant.
I had a large size snapper, steamed w/ slices of carrots, lots of onions and whole scotch bonnet peppers cut up and smothered in a delicious coconut sauce.
So, I decided that if I couldn’t have the B-day plans I wanted, then I would just have to go back to enjoy the service and same deliciousness again.”

One Love’s seafood menu consist also of lobster, crawfish, and blue crab. Other dishes on the menu include brown stew chicken, curry, wings and fries, roast pork, fried chicken, curry goat, and oxtail.

The restaurant is located in a plaza just off the corner of SW Darwin Blvd and SW Tulip Blvd, it was clean and the staff were friendly. Your order may take a little while to come to your table but that’s because the food is prepared as you order so that it can be just right when delivered.