Staying Safe

Hi everyone, it’s been a while. With the corona virus pandemic, travel plans along with other things have been placed on hold.

I hope you all are taking this very seriously and staying safe as much as you possibly can. My thoughts and prayers are with those that have been affected and those that have lost loved ones due to this ordeal.

I can’t imagine for those who have a child or children what it’s like for you to be home all day and all week long with them driving you up the wall, but this is a good time to spend some much needed time together.

Here are a few tips on Staying Healthy

To Stay Healthy

  1. Make sure to keep washing your hands regularly
  2. If you have to leave the house, remember to wear your masks, pack your essentials like sanitizer wipes, sanitizer, or gloves.

Now remember when wearing your gloves don’t wear your gloves and then go into your bag to pick up your phone, or pick up your phone at all while you have gloves on. Remember any germs you pick up from the gloves will be passed on to the phone, and then to your face when the phone touches your face.

3)Try to remember the 6-ft distance rule, it is very important. It is so easy to forget especially when we are not use to it. I have to admit I forgot when I went to the grocery store and found myself too close the person in the line in front of me, once I catch myself I had to back up.

4)When going to the store, write your grocery list in advance,so you don’t go to the store and idle, you just get in, get what your want, then split.

5) Take extra care when unpacking your groceries.

6) If ordering anything online to be delivered, wear gloves when receiving the package or simply receive the package make sure to wash your hands afterwards.

7) Also remember to sanitize your home, use disinfectant sprays and diluted bleach to clean counter tops.

8) By your groceries for weeks in advance if possible to avoid going to the store every week or every few days.

9) Some grocery stores allow order online and curbside pickup or order online and have it delivered to you.

Hand sanitizers are good when you are out of the house but remember the best thing to do is to wash your hands as often as possible.

Keep your sanity at home

1) In the morning when you awake take some time alone to regroup. Go in a corner and pray spend time with God. If that is not your thing, do what you do to get you through the day, maybe it’s meditating, doing some yoga, whatever it is.

2) Binge watch your favorite movies.

3) Play games with the family, board games or whatever you can find or spend some time playing ball in the back yard.

As I mentioned before this is a good opportunity to spend some much needed time with the family.

4) Find some DIY activities to do. Maybe you can explore that hobby of yours some more or learn something new.

I want to hear from you about what you are doing while at home and how you are keeping your sanity.

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Stay Safe ❤️