Tesalate Beach Towel-Review

Happy New Year 🎉😊❤️😊

It’s 2020 and my first post for the year is a review on beach towels, yes beach towels, because before you know it , it will be summer and everyone will be running off to the beach or traveling to some place to have some fun in the sun.

When it comes to beach towels I am use to the typical oblong towels, with their many colorful designs, made from cotton and I am always fund of the ones with the really bright colors.

Recently I tried out new towels, Tesalate Beach Towels to be more precise. They are not your regular beach towels. Yes, they are oblong and comes in many colorful designs, but the fabric is an “absorblite microfiber” made of polyester and polyamide material, with a smooth texture, not like the regular beach towels with the tiny loops of thread. Due to the smooth texture it’s hard for sand to stick on to the fabric.

Just pick it up from off the sand when your ready to go and shake it off.

Below is a picture of the Paradise Found Beach Towel, but there are a lot of other designs to choose from. The towels are reversible with the back being the same on each and they also comes in two sizes; single and ones for two.


You might be saying I know what a beach towel is used for, going to the beach. That maybe true but your towel can be used for other things. Things like;

  • Taking to the beach for sitting on and or drying off
  • Using as a mat for yoga – It is thick enough and dirt is not easily attached
  • Using as a mat for picnics – especially the larger ones, designed for two.
  • Take it hiking and use as a seating mat when overlooking the city

Tesalate beach toweIs holds quite a bit of water, but don’t worry they are easily dried. The towels conveniently comes in a small bag, making it easy to tuck into your suitcase without having to worry about it taking up space.