An Insight into Flamingo Gardens

As part of me discovering South Florida, I visited the Flamingo Gardens located in Davie, Florida. The city of Davie is a part of Broward County. The most popular city in this county is Fort Lauderdale, but there is more to Broward County than just Fort Lauderdale. Davie is approximately 16 miles away from the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport and although Davie is not too far from Fort Lauderdale and Miami I consider it to be country.

Why? It is not as over populated as most of the other cities around, there are a lot of beautiful homes there that seem to be built on their own lands (as if the lands were purchased by the owners and they had their homes constructed to their own taste), and they are not too close to each other. In addition in Davie you can find farmer’s market, nurseries and even the buildings have a different touch and there is a lot of land. Not that this is a bad thing, I actually like the area. Anyways I have gotten a little side track, introducing you to Davie let me get back to the Flamingo Gardens.

The Flamingo Garden is a jewel in the city of Davie. It was started in 1927 by Jane and Floyd L. Wray. Both husband and wife bought the land and started using it as a citrus orchard, but later decided to turn it into a botanical garden and tourist attraction. Can you imagine that when they decided to buy the land they were ridiculed for buying swamp land🤔.

Once we got to Flamingo Gardens, we were directed on where to park our vehicle, parking is free. We parked and then walked to the entrance, the tickets can be bought in the gift shop onsite or online. I purchased mine online, you will receive a ticket that you can download to your phone to be scanned at the gift shop or an e-mail to print a copy of the ticket and take it with you.

After leaving the gift shop we could see all of the natural vegetation that was there, but before walking along the trails, just outside the back of the gift shop is a parrot’s cage, with some of the prettiest parrots I have ever seen. There was a crowd gathered in front of the cage that included attendants that were holding a mini music player for one of the parrots to dance because it loves to dance. After the attendants said goodbye and walked away, it got so upset as if it was not ready for them to leave. You can see this cutie-pie in the picture below.

Next we went on to explore other parts of the garden, looking at humongous trees and the different types of plants, when we spotted a peacock and her children at the root of one of the trees. After taking a few pictures of the peacocks we went for a tour around the backside of the garden on one of the trams. This is a guided tour that leaves every half hour. On these tours the tour guide tells us about the gardens and the vegetation and the animals as they take us through, this is also included in the entrance fee.  The tour is really helpful because there is a lot of land to explore, so less walking and you also learn a lot of history from the guides.

The tram took us through the rain forest and drove by the pond where the gorgeous swans lives. I got to see and learn about different plants, some I have heard of but never seen. We also passed by the mango groves where there are a lot of mango trees grown.

During one of the tours we were able to get off by the pond to take pictures of the swans and the mottled ducks. We then walked around a little and hopped on the next tram that came by to continue the tour. After the tour was ended, I tried to see the Florida Panther but it was asleep in the shades. So I moved on to see the Flamingos. Wow! these flamingos were so beautiful. Most were covered in feathers of a pinkish orange color, salmon I believe it’s called, and there were others in white. They were so friendly. They came up to the rail, probably looking for food, and were not afraid of us and we didn’t need to be afraid of them. As a matter of fact, there is bird food available if you want to feed them, just make sure to bring some quarters with you.

After enjoying the scenery at the flamingo pond we went on further and spotted a white peacock, it was so pretty. Later we got to see part of a bear, I say part because it was sleeping and we only got to see the back. Then we spent a little while by the river otter’s pool, if only you could see them showing off in the pool and going up and down the slide.

I enjoyed going to the Flamingo Gardens, I saw a lot and learned a lot. In addition to the above, I also saw the alligator snapping turtle, an alligator, different species of birds, and some of the scariest looking lizards ever.

On site there is also the home where the Wrays lived, it is now a museum. The items shown on the inside will take you back decades if you are of the older generation. Remember those old Singer machines that you use your foot to pedal? My grandmother had one of them 😀.

It was refreshing going to the Flamingo Gardens. It is a great place for adults and children alike. There are places on site to buy food and refreshments, and you can get your souvenirs at the gift shop.  You can buy your food and have a picnic on the grass under the shades. Or you can just lay back and relax with your partner.


  1. Kalyon Subbarao says:

    This is a very nice place for kids and adults, nature has always its ways to connect to one internally….:-)

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