Hollywood Beach and Boardwalk (Florida)

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Imagine yourself in your swimwear, laid back in a chair, feet up, shades on, and eyes closed. Now imagine you can also hear the wind whistling in your ears, waves splashing along the seashore and the sun shining down on you, while the scent of sea salt permeates the atmosphere.

Doesn’t the thought of it alone make you feel excited? Well think about actually experiencing it.

It’s fall and for most places, that means the weather has changed and winter is fast approaching, but your summer doesn’t have to be over just yet. There are a lot of places that you could travel to, to get some warm weather during the fall and winter seasons. One of those places is Hollywood Beach (Florida).  What’s so special about Hollywood Beach? Well while there are a lot of beaches along the Florida coast, not all beaches are in South Florida, surrounded by tons of hotels, near Miami, and very few may have a boardwalk.

Hollywood Beach is located just a few miles south of the Fort. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, along Ocean Dr. The entire strip is filled with hotels and resorts that you can literally step out of the back door and onto the beach, and not to mention the many eateries available.

Parking can be found on the many side streets just off the main road. You can find parking in a metered spot or in one of the many public parking lots. If staying at one of the resorts, then parking would be available at the resort. Once you have veered off the main road and secured parking, the beach is just a quick walk away.

Save On Airport Parking

However, before hitting the beach, hiding away behind the hotels and resorts that lines Ocean Drive is the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk. It’s what makes Hollywood Beach extra special. The Hollywood Beach Boardwalk is home to many restaurants, retail stores, and back entrances to some hotels.

If you are looking for a day well spent in Hollywood Beach. You can enjoy the white sand beach all day long, which is just a step away from the boardwalk and when you have had enough fun in the sun, hop on over to The Taco Spot Restaurant or Florio’s of Little Italy, just 2 of the many restaurants that sits on the boardwalk. Or for a quick crab and go meal, stop by Floridays food truck.

Things to DO

Whether at night or throughout the day, there is always something you can find to do at Hollywood Beach and Boardwalk;

  • You can rent a bicycle at one of the nearby bicycle rentals stores and go cycling
  • Take a stroll – This is even nicer at night with your partner
  • Go shopping – get something nice for yourself or to take back home for family and friends
  • Stop by the theater to listen to the band play
  • Grab some ice-cream at Ben and Jerry’s
  • Sit along the wall and people watch
  • Play volley ball on the beach
  • Go for a swim
  • Sun tan throughout the day and star gaze at night on the beach.
  • Or for more fun you can even rent a quadricycle and cycle with some friends.

Places to stay in Hollywood Beach

Below I have listed just a few of the hotels and resorts that I know to be located near the boardwalk.

So I was strolling along the boardwalk pass the Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort and I decided to go inside to check it out. On the outside I spotted numerous pools, and just before walking into the back entrance was a drink kiosk where you could get your beverages and not far from that you could view the simulated surfing pool where someone was teaching the kids how to balance on the boards. Inside was a quite exquisite lobby, with lots of seating, and there was also a gift shop inside.

Not far from the Hollywood Beach and Boardwalk are banks, convenience stores, car rental facilities and other restaurants. There is a Wal-mart not too far away as well as major Malls, and supermarkets.

Also if you feel like you don’t want to leave and would like to live on the beach, there are many apartments and condominiums available right there.


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