Tips For a Road Trip

While returning from Georgia on the I-95 we were stuck in a traffic jam, just as we cross the Florida state line. Due to a wildfire they had to close down the highway. We were stuck in this traffic jam for over 5 hours, that is how long it took us to go 5 miles, from one exit to the next. So from this experience I will be providing you with a few tips to consider for your next road trip.

  • Make sure to full up on gas because even when sitting idly your vehicle is still burning gas.
  • Make sure to have snacks, especially if you have kids.
  • Get a portable potty(porta potty)! Let me tell you, it is no fun when you really have to go and there is no rest area in sight or exit to the nearest gas station and you have stop on the highway hiding behind the car doors. especially for us ladies🙄. Or what about when the kids say mommy or daddy “I want to pee” 🤣.
  • Bring a first aid kit. This can come in very handy on a road trip.

Other Tips to Consider

  • Have some good music🎵. You can make your own playlist and connect to your car. When driving long distances, your favorite radio stations will become hard to find once you are in certain counties.
  • If your vehicle is not equipped with a DVD player bring your tablet. But I don’t have internet connection, you say. Yes you do! Connect to your phones hot spot.
  • If you own a laptop and would like to use it while driving but you are afraid that the battery will run down before you get to your destination, try getting a cigarette lighter inverter. They come with a plug and USB charging capability.
  • Most importantly, be safe.

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