Talla-I-See Baby! (Tallahassee, FL)

Lol, I guess you are wondering what this post is about based on the headline. Well let me tell you, road-trip!

Yes, today, Monday June 10th, I am in Tallahassee, Florida Home of Florida State University(FSU). It wasn’t planned, it was a last minute trip that we ended up taking. Right now I am in a hotel room chillin’, later on I will go take a ride around the area. So when we got to Tallahassee my boyfriend and I started playing with the name, I said what it sounded like to me, hence, the title above and he said what it sounded like to him which is Talla-ice-tee.

Did you know? Tallahassee is the capital of Florida

I took a ride to FSU to check it out. That college campus is huge. I think at one point I may have gotten lost. I could hardly find any where to park and kept driving around in hopes that I could find somewhere to. Most places you see has signs that said parking was specific to their customers. FSU parking is for faculty and students, eventually I saw a church and pulled into their parking lot and went to google to get info on the visitors parking. I used a pin drop to navigate to it. Then I was there for a hour and 5 mins and paid $3; I ended having to pay for 2 hours of parking. Most of what I did was walk around on the outside and took a few pictures.

The college is quite big, the buildings are beautiful, and it is well kept. From what I could see they have a few stadiums, a sports shop which was at the visitors building, and a number of food chains. There are also a lot of housing around for the students.

Did you know? Tallahassee is an Indian word meaning “old town” or ” old fields”

On Tuesday I did not leave the hotel, I stayed inside for most of the day until around 9:30 p.m we went to Red Lobster for Dinner. After returning from Red Lobster, it was bedtime for me.

On Wednesday when I decided to go out again it started pouring, I waited for a while and when the rain stopped I decided to go downtown. I looked on my maps app to explore nearby attractions. At that time, which was around 3:30p.m some places, like the museums, were already closed or getting ready to close. Instead I saw on the app a place called Smokey Hallow and decided I get some directions to go there and see what it was about.

When I approached the area called Smokey Hallow all I saw was a park, but the park represents a historical landmark. A landmark that commemorates an African-American neighborhood that existed from the 1890s through the 1960s. The park had monuments that contained information on the history of the neighborhood. One of the things that was written is that The neighborhood got it’s name Smokey Hollow because of the smoke from chimneys and wood burning stoves, incinerators, and the steam locomotives that passed through the area. The smoke would linger in the air. It also mentioned that after World War II because of the need for economical growth they had to get rid of Smokey Hollow. The land is now occupied by Cascade Park.

Well that’s all about my trip to Tallahassee, until next time Friends.

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