The Time I Traveled to Chicago

A few years ago I took a much needed vacation to Chicago. At the time I was feeling exhausted and felt I needed to take a break. So this particular day I had just left work and was driving down the road saying God I need a vacation and suddenly my friend called me and asked if I wanted to go to Chicago.

Girls Trip!!!

Three of us beautiful ladies went on this trip. One of them was my co-worker and the other was a friend of my co-worker, whom I would be meeting for the first time.

The plan was we were going to be going to Chicago for a few days, from Saturday morning and return the following Monday. You might be saying that it was not long enough, but that didn’t matter to me. I felt excited, lighter, and stress free for those few days, it was like a load off.  Then while we were there we were going to go see the play “The Color Purple”. We would stay in a hotel that was attached to the theatre were the play was showing.

We bought our plane tickets and the tickets for the play, met up at the airport, and landed that Saturday morning in Chicago.

Chicago is a beautiful city, at least the parts that I visited, located in the State of Illinois. It is sometimes referred to as the Windy City. We stayed at a hotel on the main strip so it was easy for us to take the bus to and from because the bus would drop us right in front of the hotel where we were staying. We did an early check-in, at 11:00 a.m, took our bags to our room and then we were on the road.

The view from the hotel room

The beauty of traveling with friends is that you can split the cost of certain things like the cost of the room and in some cases food, making your vacation a little cheaper. This allows for more money to spend on activities.

After we checked in we took the hotel’s shuttle and visited Shedd Aquarium. We had a great time looking at the different sea creatures and watching the dolphin show.

Then we left and went to Navy Pier. Navy Pier is a landmark to Chicago, during our visit which was in the month of September, there were a lot of people on the pier. Lots of visitors. At that time when we visited there was not a lot of attractions as they seem to have now at the pier.

After we Left the pier we went to Millenium Park.  Millenium Park is a public park located at the corner of E Randolph St. and S Columbus Dr. Not very far from Navy Pier. We walked through out the park, posed by the huge metal bean for pictures, and I was also able to pose by a policeman’s horse for pictures. Can you tell that I was a little scared to touch the horse?. 🙂

Upon leaving the park we went back to the hotel, got ourselves ready and went out for dinner. We visited House of Blues. A nice laid back restaurant where we listened to the musician play Jazz music as we ate our meal.  That was it for us for Saturday night.

Sunday morning we were up and ready to go again, we took a tour on a double-decker tour bus that took us downtown, showing us different areas, we were able to see Oprah’s House. There were different buses that went to different areas, but we chose to go on the one that was more interesting to us. After our tour we went back to the hotel and got ready for the play. We had a great evening.

Monday morning we were back to Florida!

The Chicago vacation is one of my most memorable get-a-ways, lots to do and much to see. On our way to and from the airport we could see the Sears Towers, the Corn on the Cob buildings, and the Chicago River. Oh and I forgot to mention that we also visited the Hershey Store, (which unfortunately is no longer there 🙁 lots of Chocolate, Yum.

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