3 Inexpensive Activities You Should Try This Weekend


Camping is not just for the adventurous, those that like to be in mountains, hiding out in bushes, wanting to become one with nature. Camping can be for any and everyone. Camping out with your partner, or with the kids, or with friends can be a lot of fun.

If you are going with your partner (lover, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend etc.) make it romantic. Have some flowers and a picnic basket filled with food for dinner, light a candle. If you are going with kids make if fun, prepare to light a fire and sit by the fire side telling stories, making smores, playing games, be creative. If you are going with friends light a fire just the same, tell stories, walk down memory lane, play some music, laugh, and dance.

Don’t forget to take some bug spray. 😂

So where can you go camping? Do a search and find out where in your city or state you can go camping. You may want to go hiking up a mountain, if that’s your thing, or you can go to a park, but make sure the city allows it. Here in South Florida, county parks have camp sites that you can reserve with price ranging from about $35 to $50 per night, the price includes the tent, but you will have to make sure you have your own gears. More importantly you don’t have to go that far to camp. You can do it in your own backyard.

Airboat Tour

Airboat tours are fun and inexpensive. They take you for a ride along the river. They are noisy, but it’s still a lot of fun and some are educational as well. Go get your hair messy with the wind blowing through it. If you are in South Florida consider taking a tour of the Everglades. We paid about $25 per person for a tour, but prices do differ depending on where you are located.


Last but not least, Kyaking. Kyaking is not to be confused with canoeing, though it’s not that much different. Kyaking is different because of the paddle and the way the Kyak is made. The paddle of a Kyak has blades on both ends, and the paddle is used in a left – right or right-left motion. There are kyaks for one person and kyaks for more than one.

Kyaking is not as hard as it looks, it is rather easy and it’s very relaxing. If you don’t have a kyak of your own there are places where you can rent a kyak and the price may also include the tour.